How to Halt the Cracking MADness? Why Crackseal of course!

Cracks form from continued moisture and weather elements. Heavy traffic, air voids, poor base, drainage issues, and oxidation coupled with water infiltration and the freeze/thaw cycle can wreak cracking Madness on your parking lot.

Cracksealing is the most cost effective and beneficial repair that you can do for your lot. Not only will this type of repair fill these unsightly cracks, but it can extend the life of your parking lot significantly. The most common type of Crackseal repair in the Commercial business sector is the Bandover method. Bandover provides bondage on either side of the crack, resulting in filling the void and protecting the crack from expanding.

Another player in the Crackseal game is called GatorPave. Just like it sounds, it is used to cover any “alligator’d” type of cracks. GatorPave can be applied by squeegee/trowel and no heat is required! When budgets matter, this option is less expensive than the tried and true traditional asphalt repairs. Though, it is a good option for those areas that need to be addressed, but are not ready for full depth repairs.

Crackseal is a sticky and burning hot business, however, the results are quick and effective. This repair allows patrons to drive on your lot immediately following a Crackseal. Quick, constructive and money in your company’s pocket. What more can your lot and budget ask for? Give us a call to Crackseal the Jack out of your lot!

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