Safety Madness

There is a certain MADness to all projects regarding safety.

Proper safety standards must be held on all projects big or small. The main safety concerns that Mad Jack’s has on its projects is the safety of its workers and their client’s employees and patrons.

Patron vehicle and foot traffic can cause disruption on a project. It is essential to hire competent laborers such as flaggers and machinists, which are knowledgeable about their client’s business and adapt by scheduling re-routing of both types of traffic.

We will provide Phasing Maps/Scheduling of your repairs before commencing the project. This will keep patron flow in line without disrupting business. We map out specific entry and exit routes for vehicle and foot traffic to prevent accidents from occurring.

Mad Jack’s also retains proper traffic flow with barricades and flaggers. This keeps the patrons a safe distance from the construction as well as allows individuals to become aware of where they need to go to keep out of harm’s way. We also make sure that our workers wear brightly covered clothing so that they keep visible as well as wear protective wear such as gloves, hats and eyeglasses.

Following these practices and many more will keep the MADness away and safety at bay.

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