And that’s a wrap Jack!

It’s crunch time. Time to get in all those parking lot repairs! Before we know it, the months will be getting colder and permanent repairs will be on ice. Is your parking lot still Jacked up?

The most beneficial winter preventive maintenance you can do to your parking lot is crackseal!! Sealing the cracks deters moisture from working its way deep into the asphalt and expanding during the freeze. We all know that when water freezes, it expands.

Make sure to get your lot into shape before our summer is gone. And that’s a fact Jack!

March winds and April showers bring forth May pothole repairs

Temperatures are rising, snow is melting, and everyone is starting to de-thaw from the MAD winter. Now is the time to evaluate your parking lot and work out what repairs will need to be executed in the upcoming months.

Right off the bat you will notice potholes. Why do you get so many during the winter months? The main problem is the freeze thaw cycle, coupled with snowfall and snow removal.

Potholes form when asphalt surfaces crack under the weather elements and the daily stresses of traffic. Water gets into these cracks, will freeze and expand causing the asphalt to deteriorate at a much higher rate.

How can you fix these unsightly holes?

In the winter there are only a couple of ways to repair these potholes: Cold Patch and Infrared Patching, also referred to as Heat Patching. These types of repairs are temporary, however, Infrared Repairs have a reputation for lasting a bit longer than Cold Patching.

During the spring months, potholes require more permanent repairs such as Milling and Resurfacing, and Full Depth Asphalt Repairs depending upon severity and client budget.

Once repaired, how do you keep potholes at bay?

Preventative maintenance on your parking lot is key during the warm months so that your lot stays in good shape upon winter approaching.

We are MAD about pothole repairs…give us a call to find out how much!

Identify early signs of damage and save money!

Let’s face it, Mother Nature can be very harsh on asphalt. Mad Jack’s goal is to protect and extend the life of your parking lot surface. When you live in a region where temperatures are extremely low or high, it will eventually cause damage to the paved surface. By frequently maintaining and inspecting the surface condition, Mad Jack’s paving can save you money. Our professional team will identify early signs of damage or surface cracking that can lead to more costly repairs in the long run.